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SHELLYS’ WALLS gives you a new way to explore your home and space. Wall Tattoos are a fun way to spruce up your house and personal belongings with style and DIY ease. SHELLYS’ WALLS offers self-adhesive wall tattoos that are easy enough to install yourself and change your drab room into a wow area! SHELLYS’ WALLS is the perfect alternative to boring painted walls and messy wallpaper glue. With our vast range of designs and colors that are updated every month, the decals will fit into any space or theme of your house and with any member of your family for individualized rooms. YOU CAN use our wall stickers on almost any surface. Walls, ceilings, hard wood, concrete floors, furniture, metal surfaces, light switch surrounds, mirrors, fan blades, cabinets, tiles, plastics, refrigerators, dishwashers and many more. From your front door to your kitchen, your bathroom to your balcony, we give you ideas to inspire you life!

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Give a new look to your home this festive season, in just one day. Make it lively & colorful with creative, customized designs by Shellyswalls. Customised Wall Art, Wall Decal, Wall Tattoos in multi colors by Shellyswalls – Mumbai. Order now Call: +91 9933988533
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